Sunshine day dream.

I’m a new iPhone user and I love it.  I am struggling with adapting to a new calendar but other than that, it is a whole bunch of fun.  I have been perusing new applications and downloaded some things that will make my life easier as well as add some fun.  So on that note, I downloaded My Fit Pal to help me keep my food choices in check.  I am willing to give it a try but to tell you the truth, I HATE calorie counting.  I do…  I do… I do… but I need to get my self in check, like yesterday.

A year or so ago, I worked with a fabulous health counselor Bmoore Healthy (check out her awesome blog!)  and learned a lot about myself, my food habits and how to deal with emotional/stress eating.  I continue to live by what I learned from her and the program but just like the times before, when I get off track, I tend to stay off track.    The best thing that I learned from the program was to listen to my body.  I have been trying to listen to her more and more lately and you know what I hear her saying, “You’re filling yourself with crap.  Stop it.  You don’t feel good.” 

And, I don’t feel good.  Fortunately, I workout 4 or so days a week so I am not gaining weight but I still feel like crap and I am surely not  losing weight.  I don’t expect My Fit Pal to be the saving grace to my health but it is a really convenient way to track my food, at least until I get back into the rhythm of making positive changes in my life. It will be good to  see where I am struggling and be conscious of my habits but I often find that when I count calories, I get obsessed!   Let’s be honest, Kale should be a “free” food, much like strawberries… I did not get fat eatting strawberries!   I don’t want to be obsessed… so, this time, I refuse to get obsessed.   I am going to make good choices, eat lots of veggies and quit feeling guilty when I indulge in something worth the calories!

Today, THE SUN IS OUT!  This is quite a new feeling here in Cincinnati.  And it will be short-lived….

So what am I going to do to celebrate, you ask?  I am going to head home early from work, take my pug for a walk and cross the river into Kentucky to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.   It’s always a good thing to celebrate a sunny day with friends!

And I promise to track my margaritas and tacos!


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  1. You are awesome Jen! Remember to breathe and take one day at a time. Let me know if you want to do your weekly checkins again. XOXO


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