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Oh well, hello Phish tour.

We’re off to Detroit to begin our summer tour. I have a nervous feeling in my belly that is all too typical before a show – it’s a good thing.

I’m going to attempt to take some photos and blog about the next few shows. The blogs will not be music reviews for I am too much of a custy n00b to even go there. However, the lot and the crowd are sometimes just as entertaining and I am a professional people watcher. Hopefully I can get some sweet pics of wookies without getting punched in the eye.

Hoss-Daddy is ready for Phish tour.

The car is packed, the beer has been purchased and we have tickets in hand. Only one thing will be missing this weekend…. the Duke of Lizards himself.


Oh and Happy Birthday Mr. Mike Gordan!


Sunshine day dream.

I’m a new iPhone user and I love it.  I am struggling with adapting to a new calendar but other than that, it is a whole bunch of fun.  I have been perusing new applications and downloaded some things that will make my life easier as well as add some fun.  So on that note, I downloaded My Fit Pal to help me keep my food choices in check.  I am willing to give it a try but to tell you the truth, I HATE calorie counting.  I do…  I do… I do… but I need to get my self in check, like yesterday.

A year or so ago, I worked with a fabulous health counselor Bmoore Healthy (check out her awesome blog!)  and learned a lot about myself, my food habits and how to deal with emotional/stress eating.  I continue to live by what I learned from her and the program but just like the times before, when I get off track, I tend to stay off track.    The best thing that I learned from the program was to listen to my body.  I have been trying to listen to her more and more lately and you know what I hear her saying, “You’re filling yourself with crap.  Stop it.  You don’t feel good.” 

And, I don’t feel good.  Fortunately, I workout 4 or so days a week so I am not gaining weight but I still feel like crap and I am surely not  losing weight.  I don’t expect My Fit Pal to be the saving grace to my health but it is a really convenient way to track my food, at least until I get back into the rhythm of making positive changes in my life. It will be good to  see where I am struggling and be conscious of my habits but I often find that when I count calories, I get obsessed!   Let’s be honest, Kale should be a “free” food, much like strawberries… I did not get fat eatting strawberries!   I don’t want to be obsessed… so, this time, I refuse to get obsessed.   I am going to make good choices, eat lots of veggies and quit feeling guilty when I indulge in something worth the calories!

Today, THE SUN IS OUT!  This is quite a new feeling here in Cincinnati.  And it will be short-lived….

So what am I going to do to celebrate, you ask?  I am going to head home early from work, take my pug for a walk and cross the river into Kentucky to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.   It’s always a good thing to celebrate a sunny day with friends!

And I promise to track my margaritas and tacos!

I confess, I’m a nerd.

What I didn’t put in my “about me” page: I am a total Harry Potter nerd.

This is it people, the end of an era!


Make Do Monday

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Obesity Experts.

I work at a homeless hospital and we often entertain medical experts in our area.  We tell them about what we do, hear about what they do and hope that they can help make this little non-profit a better place for our clients.   A few weeks ago, a big shot (I mean that in a good way – she was excellent) came in from a local university, took the tour of our facility and told us of the wonderful advances in medicine in technology coming from the university.  It was all pretty inspiring until this, “…we have the leading obesity experts in the country…. We are breaking ground in causes of obesity.”

 Think about it… It must not be as simple as, if you eat a lot of crap and sit on the couch or at a computer all day, you will get fat.

Experts in obesity – what do you think they talk about?  Do you think they compare what processed foods make people unhealthy or do they just look at the genes and internal factors of a person to see why they can’t meet society’s definition of “healthy?”  I’m a big girl.  I have never been a petite girl and for many years, I fought and fought to try to find happiness through weight loss. I have 2 petite sisters and a petite mama and guess what, I look exactly like my dad.  My dad is a studly man but he is built like a man and I have his genes.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t look like a man, but I also don’t have the natural slim limbs of my beautiful sister-friends.

So I can wallow in this.  And, truth be told, I sometimes do.  I complain about my genes and the internal reasons for my uneasy weight loss and super easy weight gain.  In the past I have blamed my sister’s for getting the good genes and I have spent hours asking “why me?”   After years of yo-yo dieting and learning to hate myself and my body from failed attempts at losing and succeeding only in gaining, I decided to become my own “obesity expert.”

I started working with Betsy Moore of Bmoore Healthy (read her blog here: Have Your Pierogies… and Eat Them Too!) and have changed my views on health, weight loss, success and happiness.  Truth is, while I may be a bigger girl and I fully understand the need to get to a healthy weight, I workout 4-5 days a week and eat fruits and veggies every day.  I’ve cut out a lot of processed food from my diet and I have learned to listen to my body.  I know that my genes play a huge role in what I look like but my genes do not define my choices or how I feel.  

In short, I’m a self-proclaimed “obesity expert” and while I can’t get back the thousands of dollars that I have paid into the diet industry, I can realize that as a country, we don’t need to spend millions of dollars on obesity research to know that if you eat more foods that come from the earth and take your dog for a few walks, you will live longer and healthier. 

Sweet baby niece, Madi, told me she likes me just the way that I am!