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Tuesday or Monday?

I woke up with the Monday blues but in fact it’s Tuesday… Can I have one more day off to recovery from a good weekend? In fact due to my AmeriCorps assignment change, I have been off since Thursday! Poor me, right?

So I embark on another new journey today. This one, not so much by choice but by necessity. Every new experience is a good experience so I am excited to try something new.

In better news, Friday starts our summer tour. I am hopeful that this wordpress App works well and that feel encouraged to blog more.


Look at those sexy men. How could you resist spending a few weekends of your summer with them?

Have a great Tuesday (that feels like Monday)!


The hunt.

    I hate job hunting.  To clarify that further, I hate job hunting when I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. My AmeriCorps VISTA term is almost over.  I have a little less than 4 months to decide what I want to do, find the perfect job, make myself sound fantastic on paper and wow! someone in an interview.  This will totally work!  *thinks positive thoughts*

    Here’s my rap sheet:

    2006 – 2007  Elementary School Teacher

    2007-2008 Domestic Violence Counselor/Children’s Advocate/Education Specialist

    2008-2010 Grant Administrator/Project Coordinator

    2010 – Current Volunteer & Development Coordinator, AmeriCorps VISTA member

    I think I have some explaining to do; 4 jobs in less than 5 years, impressive huh?  Here’s ths scoop: Job 1 – I was hired to fill a position while a teacher was on sabbatical; there were no positions in the school when my term was complete.  I left the classroom and while I loved teaching, I wanted to do something  “different.”  Job 2 – Whoa.  Try to leave those stories at work and lead a normal life.  Let’s just say I cried, a lot.  And for those of you that know me personally, I cried more than normal.  Moving on . . .  Job 3 – What a fantastic position but love intervened and I changed cities.  Job  4 – It’s a 1-year term of service; I know this job searching day would come. 

    So here comes the big question.  What now?