Make Do Monday

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Obesity Experts.

I work at a homeless hospital and we often entertain medical experts in our area.  We tell them about what we do, hear about what they do and hope that they can help make this little non-profit a better place for our clients.   A few weeks ago, a big shot (I mean that in a good way – she was excellent) came in from a local university, took the tour of our facility and told us of the wonderful advances in medicine in technology coming from the university.  It was all pretty inspiring until this, “…we have the leading obesity experts in the country…. We are breaking ground in causes of obesity.”

 Think about it… It must not be as simple as, if you eat a lot of crap and sit on the couch or at a computer all day, you will get fat.

Experts in obesity – what do you think they talk about?  Do you think they compare what processed foods make people unhealthy or do they just look at the genes and internal factors of a person to see why they can’t meet society’s definition of “healthy?”  I’m a big girl.  I have never been a petite girl and for many years, I fought and fought to try to find happiness through weight loss. I have 2 petite sisters and a petite mama and guess what, I look exactly like my dad.  My dad is a studly man but he is built like a man and I have his genes.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t look like a man, but I also don’t have the natural slim limbs of my beautiful sister-friends.

So I can wallow in this.  And, truth be told, I sometimes do.  I complain about my genes and the internal reasons for my uneasy weight loss and super easy weight gain.  In the past I have blamed my sister’s for getting the good genes and I have spent hours asking “why me?”   After years of yo-yo dieting and learning to hate myself and my body from failed attempts at losing and succeeding only in gaining, I decided to become my own “obesity expert.”

I started working with Betsy Moore of Bmoore Healthy (read her blog here: Have Your Pierogies… and Eat Them Too!) and have changed my views on health, weight loss, success and happiness.  Truth is, while I may be a bigger girl and I fully understand the need to get to a healthy weight, I workout 4-5 days a week and eat fruits and veggies every day.  I’ve cut out a lot of processed food from my diet and I have learned to listen to my body.  I know that my genes play a huge role in what I look like but my genes do not define my choices or how I feel.  

In short, I’m a self-proclaimed “obesity expert” and while I can’t get back the thousands of dollars that I have paid into the diet industry, I can realize that as a country, we don’t need to spend millions of dollars on obesity research to know that if you eat more foods that come from the earth and take your dog for a few walks, you will live longer and healthier. 

Sweet baby niece, Madi, told me she likes me just the way that I am!

Make Do Monday

Mondays are rough.  Mondays after a particularly fun weekend are even worse. 

Sometimes on Mondays, I need something else to look forward to and I need to just make do with what I have today.

Today, we are looking forward to summer tour….Enjoy!

You won’t find moments in a box . . .

The hunt.

    I hate job hunting.  To clarify that further, I hate job hunting when I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. My AmeriCorps VISTA term is almost over.  I have a little less than 4 months to decide what I want to do, find the perfect job, make myself sound fantastic on paper and wow! someone in an interview.  This will totally work!  *thinks positive thoughts*

    Here’s my rap sheet:

    2006 – 2007  Elementary School Teacher

    2007-2008 Domestic Violence Counselor/Children’s Advocate/Education Specialist

    2008-2010 Grant Administrator/Project Coordinator

    2010 – Current Volunteer & Development Coordinator, AmeriCorps VISTA member

    I think I have some explaining to do; 4 jobs in less than 5 years, impressive huh?  Here’s ths scoop: Job 1 – I was hired to fill a position while a teacher was on sabbatical; there were no positions in the school when my term was complete.  I left the classroom and while I loved teaching, I wanted to do something  “different.”  Job 2 – Whoa.  Try to leave those stories at work and lead a normal life.  Let’s just say I cried, a lot.  And for those of you that know me personally, I cried more than normal.  Moving on . . .  Job 3 – What a fantastic position but love intervened and I changed cities.  Job  4 – It’s a 1-year term of service; I know this job searching day would come. 

    So here comes the big question.  What now?


Welcome to me . . .

I have never been a blogger.  I tried before and it never felt right.  However, today I am in a different place in my life and I think I am ready to be a little bit more transparent in the whole techo-friendly world surrounding me.  I think it is time for me to be a  participant rather than just a lurker. 

I don’t have big goals for this.  I don’t have an outline of post topics or a certain agenda to follow.  This will just be me and what I am thinking about that day.  I surely hope you enjoy but if you don’t tell me what I can do to make it better or feel free to move along to something more your speed.  I guess that’s the glory of blogging… the audience either likes it or it doesn’t, either way, my words are in the open. 

I’ve had some major changes in the last year or so.  I have never said that I transition easily or particularly well but these changes all prompted me to get a handle on my life and deal with the positivity that was surrounding me.  In the past 18 months, I have: fallen in love (after deciding that I didn’t need someone in my life in that capacity),  I became an aunt, I quit my job, I moved to a new city,  I joined AmeriCorps, I got a pug (LOVE !) and I was asked to be a bride!  Wowza.  There is a lot of goodness in that previous sentence so I do hope that I convey the blessings in my life in this blog for without the ability to recognize happiness, I would be no where.

I wish you peace in your Monday.