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The heat and the pug.

Wilson and I have not had an adventurous week. We’ve been relaxing in the AC because neither of us like this Icky, sticky, Cincinnati heat.

Mom, I wanna go outside and frolic in the tiny grass patch that I love!!!

Oh, it’s hot again? That stinks.

Please turn the air conditioning on outside so I can walk to my grassy patch. Come on, I look cute don’t I?

This is my mad face. Please take me to the pool if I can’t go to my grassy patch.

I need a nap. Please stop talking to me now.

Before you go, let me show you my new trick. I’m going to be a gymnast. I need a spandex outfit… Make sure it’s manly.

I want to be in the olympics. I want to swim in the roof-top pool. I want my grassy patch.